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Expedite Towing has a wide range of services.
Here are the areas of services we offer.

Towing Services

Stranded or stuck in a heap of trouble? Expedite Towing offers a 24 towing service that can literally save the day at any given time of the day. So whether the outcome maybe, Expedite Towing will get your vehicle to safe location.

Roadside Assistance

Stuck on the side of the road, don’t worry. Expedite Towing will come to the rescue. Whether you have a car, truck, motorcycle, RV or any other form of transportation; Expedite Towing will determine a solution

Private Property Impound

Having a hard time getting unauthorized vehicles off your commercial or residential property, we understand; It happens to all properties. Expedite Towing offers towing services to help resolve move those vehicles to leave space for your tenants.

24×7 Emergency Service

YES, 24 hours! With our top ratings with the San Diego County Sherifs Department and AAA, Expedite towing offers a 24 hour Emergency Service to help you get out of the jam.  Our focus is to help you, any time and day.

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What we Offer

Here are just some of our services we offer.
Back by our Expedited Promise; Affordable, Timely and Great Service!

Battery Service

Vehicle not starting are a common battery issue. Expedite Towing will come to assist in jumping your vehicle to get you back on the road.

Tire Flats & Replacements

Whether you have a flat and unable to replace it, Expedite Towing will assist is replacing the tire. If all fails, we will tow your vehicle too a safe place of your desire.


Accident are very common in San Diego, our job is to help insure that all debris and your property is cleaned up in a jiffy to help steer traffic.

Unauthorized Parking

With parking laws in place, drivers at times just simply feel like they own property and park where ever they choose to. Its our job to help clear way for all unauthorized vehicles.

Engine Problems

At times, vehicles have a tendency of stopped working. Whether your having engine problems or transmission issues, Expedite will help tow your vehicle to the nearest repair shop.

Vehicle Stalled

One of the most common issues is a vehicle stalling. Expedite Towing has helped thousands getting the vehicle up and going or towed to your preferred destination.

Unknown Issues

Not sure whats going on with your car, don’t worry. Expedite will assist in providing several solutions to insure your safety.